Post-Operative Patient Instructions following Foot Surgery


  • You have had a surgical operation. A limited amount of pain and swelling is to be expected. The skin may take a bruised appearance. This is no cause for alarm.
  • Have prescription(s) filled immediately and take medication(s) as directed. Be sure to eat before taking pain medication the first time. AVOID alcoholic beverages while on medication.
  • Go directly home and lie down after surgery. Elevate the operated foot (or feet) at least eight (8) inches above hip level. Support the elevated foot and leg with pillows, DO NOT PLACE PILLOW UNDER KNEE.
  • Appearance of a blood spot through the dressing is not unusual. However, if there is active and persistent bleeding, call the clinic at once.
  • Bend knee and rotate foot and ankle at least 5 minutes during each hour after surgery for 24-36 hours while awake.
  • Keep the bandages dry and do not tamper with the dressing.
  • For slight pain or swelling, apply and ice pack directly over the bandage for 10-15 minutes out of each hour, for several hours, if necessary. DO NOT leave this on the foot for longer than 15 minutes. DO NOT apply any form of heat to the area.
  • Limit your walking to your tolerance, but keep it down to a minimum. Stay off your feet as much as possible. Wear your cut-out surgical shoe when walking. DO NOT take any steps without it.
  • Call 312.222.5610 if any of the following should occur;
    • Bleeding continues.
    • Pain increases and/or does not respond to medication after 24 hours.
    • Bandage or cast appears too tight
    • If you have ANY questions at all.